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Studying Abroad: Mizelle Joy Hornilla, BSIE ’20 (Florence, Italy)

Name: Mizelle Joy Hornilla
Class/Graduation Year:
Industrial Engineering with a minor in Mathematics

What semester/months and year did you study abroad?
I was there for four weeks between the end of May and the end of June.

How and when did you begin preparing for studying abroad?
I started preparing at the beginning of my second semester and did a lot of the paper work throughout the semester

How did you financially plan for study abroad?
I spoke with my mom.

Why Florence?
I decided on Florence because I knew I wanted to get credit for one class. Since I couldn’t study abroad during one of my semesters and didn’t plan on it, the summer was perfect. The trip I took was for only four weeks during my summer break and I received credit/established one of my cognates with this program.

What University did you attend?
We actually weren’t at a university, which makes the program I went on so unique. Instead, we had a professor from the University of Miami take us to museums and other educational places for what we call “on-site” studying of art and learned about art history.

What courses did you take?
Art History 132 (ARH132): Survey of Western Art II

How did the courses fit into your academic path?
I specifically chose this program because I was able to get credit for my cognate.

What did you do during your free time?
We went out to several different restaurants because who doesn’t love Italian food! We also wandered around cities we were staying in and took in the nightlife that was going on. On one occasion we were able to travel and take the train to Cinque Terre, which translates to five lands. It was on the northern coast and was absolutely stunning.

What were your favorite local places?
All’Antico Vinaio. This was by far my favorite place. They sold really big “panini” which is plural for the word sandwich, “panino.” I always got a panino with prosciutto, large globs of mozzarella, doused in balsamic vinegar. This was essentially my personal Subway. It was only about five euro for a panino. Otherwise, Aqua al Due was another favorite for others on the trip. While being very pricey, it is famous for visitors and locals alike. I had the balsamic steak. It was so rich with flavor and the steak was great.

What was your fondest memory?
One of the nights we decided to hike up to the Michelangelo Plaza, an area that overlooks Florence from the less busy side of the river. From here, we watched the sun set. We specifically brought blankets, panini, and books to pass time. The area gets really busy during sunset, so we got there really early to reserve spots and had a little picnic for dinner while waiting for the sun to set. It was beautiful to watch sun go behind the mountains off in the distance while overlooking Florence in all it’s beauty: the Duomo, the Uffizi, the city center, everything.

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