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Study Abroad Profile: Mizelle Joy Hornilla, BSIE ’20 (Florence, Italy)

Name: Mizelle Joy Hornilla
Class: 2020
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minn.
Concentrations: Industrial Engineering
Study Abroad location: Survey of Art History in Florence, Italy

How did you find this program?
I learned about this study abroad opportunity through online resources.

Describe your program.
In Florence we are studying Renaissance Art via on-site trips to churches, cathedrals, chapels, museums and more. We take day trips to other cities such as Milan, Padua, Pisa and others to study various works of art that were created during the centuries we are targeting.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at this program?
I have learned that the world I live in shapes who I am and what I aspire to become, and that the environment I live in is completely different from someone else across the world.

Why has this been a good experience for you?
This experience has changed my point of view on everyday life. I am living in a city where intellects including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti studied and lived. Those who have come before us did so many incredible things for this world and being able to immerse myself in the culture that they experienced is indescribable.


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