Provost’s Honor Roll – Fall 2016

Any undergraduate student who earns a grade point average of 3.75 or higher on 12 or more units of letter-graded credit hours (excluding credit hours earned in courses taken for credit only and also courses with pending grades) in any one semester is placed on the Provost’s Honor Roll for that semester. Academic transcripts do not carry the Provost’s Honor Roll notation.

Fall 2016

Name Department Academic Level
Abrams, Daniel Aaron Industrial Engineering Sophomore
Abuljadayel, Salman Abdulaziz M Industrial Engineering Senior
Acherman, Michelle Civil Engineering Senior
Adre, Ethan Paul Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Aguila, Carlos Armando Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
Al Bahlani, Omar Salah Saif Hamood Architectural Engineering Sophomore
Alberdi, Francisco Environmental Engineering Junior
Aldeaij, Maryam A Y S A Architectural Engineering Junior
Aldousari, Razan M A M M Architectural Engineering Junior
Altabtabaei, Abdullatif J A A Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Amundsen, Sarah Elizabeth Comp Engr. – Software Option Junior
Anjum, Zoheb Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Aquino Alves Belmar Da Costa, Leonardo Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Ayjian, Celeste Civil Engineering Sophomore
Azuelos, Dylan Industrial Engineering Senior
Baillie, Vanessa Christina Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Baldessari Jr., Jonathan Ray Industrial Engineering Senior
Barrios Sarmiento, Paula Alejandra Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Senior
Bataku, Oldrin Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Beal, Sydney Blake Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Benarroch Pardo, Yael Industrial Engineering Junior
Benatar Benarroch, Raquel Industrial Engineering Junior
Benchimol Abecasis, Dalia Industrial Engineering Senior
Bentata, Isaac Industrial Engineering Junior
Berne, Alexander C Mechanical Engineering Senior
Blanke, Jason B Mechanical Engineering Senior
Bleicher, Shahked Comp Engr. – Software Option Junior
Bolis, Daniel Mechanical Engineering Senior
Borders, Hannah Lee Malone Environmental Engineering Senior
Botbol Wahnon, Sol Ani Industrial Engineering Junior
Bougenot, Basile Jules Computer Engineering Junior
Bujnowski, Brianne Industrial Engineering Freshmen
Busby, Tyler Michael Industrial Engineering Junior
Calvy, Thomas Lloyd Biomedical Engineering Freshmen
Campo, Natalia Beatriz Industrial Engineering Senior
Capraro, Sarah R Industrial Engineering Senior
Carbonero, Daniel David Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Caruso, Chase John Architectural Engineering Senior
Cazzaniga, Daniel Alexander Industrial Engineering Senior
Chabot, Jessica Industrial Engineering Senior
Chabot, Jordan Andrew Mechanical Engineering Freshmen
Chaudhari, Nisha Computer Engineering Sophomore
Chen, Sihan Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Cheng, Stephanie S Mechanical Engineering Senior
Christodoulides, Alexander Mechanical Engineering Senior
Ciappesoni, Mark Andrew Electrical Engineering Senior
Claure, Isabella Caroline Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Clausell, Nakiya T. Environmental Engineering Sophomore
Clode, Esther Laura Mechanical Engineering Junior
Coogan, Danielle Elizabeth Mechanical Engineering Senior
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