Provost’s Honor Roll

Any undergraduate student who earns a grade point average of 3.75 or higher on 12 or more units of letter-graded credit hours (excluding credit hours earned in courses taken for credit only and also courses with pending grades) in any one semester is placed on the Provost’s Honor Roll for that semester. Academic transcripts do not carry the Provost’s Honor Roll notation.

Spring 2017

Name Department Academic Level
DiSandro,Nina Larissa Biomedical Engineering Sophomore
Dolin,Keith Charles Industrial Engineering Senior
Donahue,Ryan P Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Dower,Milan Biomedical Engr. – Electrical Freshmen
Dughman,Joshua Dale Architectural Engineering Junior
Edelson,Helen Frances Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Elimelech,David Jordan Comp Engr. – Software Option Sophomore
Ercolano,Evan Joseph Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Espejo Arreaza,Maria Gabriela Industrial Engineering Junior
Etingen,Fred Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Foster,Robert Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Senior
Friedfertig,Sara A Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Friedmann Schaffer,Martin Comp Engr. – Software Option Junior
Frye,Austin Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Gaito,Morgan C Mechanical Engineering Senior
Gamarra,Jennifer Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Gangi,Samantha Marie Computer Engineering Senior
Garcia Llanes,Thais Lis Industrial Engineering Senior
Garfall,Blaise Rae Industrial Engineering Senior
Generato,Earl Sentina Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Getz,Stefanie Rae Environmental Engineering Junior
Gibson,Keegan Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
Glover,Samuel Jacob Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Junior
Gonzalez Guevara,Daniela Alexandra Industrial Engineering Freshmen
Gopaul,Byron Anthony Vince Mechanical Engineering Senior
Graham,John Solomon Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Granger,Blaine Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Greiss,Pavly Said Architectural Engineering Senior
Griffith,Abigail Lynn Industrial Engineering Senior
Hagert,Sean Andrew Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Junior
Halee,Ben Royal Environmental Engineering Sophomore
Hallums,Ryann Elizabeth Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Junior
Hampton,Hunter Austin Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
Hertz,Sarah Chelsea Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Hong,Joshua Industrial Engineering Senior
Hueniken,Stephen Michael Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
Hyer,Erin Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Jankel,Jacob Industrial Engineering Senior
Jarrett,Jesse Audio Engineering Senior
Johnston,Grace Gudrun Industrial Engineering Senior
Jones,Ellery Jensen Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Joyce,Jacqueline Marie Civil Engineering Freshmen
Kashem,Rashed Computer Engineering Junior
Keep,Madeline Paola Environmental Engineering Freshmen
Keller,Dania Fallon Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Junior
Kelly,Shannon Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Ketter,Fabio P Mechanical Engineering Senior
Kimes,Grant Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Kolev,Slavi Nikolaev Electrical Engineering Sophomore
Krishnamoorthy,Vignesh Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
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