President’s Honor Roll

Any undergraduate student who earns a grade point average of 4.0 on 12 or more units of letter-graded credit hours (excluding credit hours earned in courses taken for credit only and also courses with pending grades) in any one semester is placed on the President’s Honor Roll for that semester. Academic transcripts do not carry the President’s Honor Roll notation.

Spring 2017

Name Department Academic Level
Liu,Keke Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Lu,Kathleen Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Ma,Yiran Biomedical Engineering Sophomore
Marks,Victoria Sterling Biomedical Engr. – Electrical Senior
Martinez,Derlin Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Marulanda,Alejandro Industrial Engineering Senior
Milberg,Julian Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Milton,Eric Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Morales,Laura Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Mori,Jennifer Tamiko Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Nagururu,Nimesh Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Nanni,Thomas J Mechanical Engineering Senior
Narasimhan,Swati Mechanical Engineering Senior
Newfeld,Joseph S Industrial Engineering Senior
Niedecken,Ariel Reed Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Orton,Kevin Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Osunde,Edugie Natasha Biomedical Engineering Sophomore
Overzat,Benjamin James Audio Engineering Junior
Parks,Brandon Biomedical Engr. – Electrical Senior
Pham,Alex Thanhlong Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Puri,Simarjeet Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Rincon,Samantha Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Rossborough,Jackson Carl Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Sackman,Elliot Karmel Aerospace Engr. Conc-BSME Senior
Scheidt,Elizabeth Marie Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Scully,Mackenzie Alison Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Sha,Divya Ranjan Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Silberlust,Jared Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Tashkandi,Rawan Abdulsattar A Architectural Engineering Senior
Vargas,Sarah Virginia Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Verheyen,Connor Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Vilches Martinez,Jessica Comp Engr. – Software Option Junior
Walsh,Connor D Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Weinberg,Danielle Nicole Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Wright,Shane Howard Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Wubker,Laura Elizabeth Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Xie,Yuhong Industrial Engineering Senior
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