Dean’s List for College of Engineering

Any undergraduate student who earns a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on 12 or more units of letter-graded credit hours (excluding credit hours earned in courses taken for credit only and also courses with pending grades) in any one semester is placed on the Dean’s List for that semester. Academic transcripts do not carry the Dean’s List notation.

Spring 2017

Name Department Academic Level
Patel,Jigar Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Patellis,Gregory Computer Engineering Sophomore
Perez,Christian David Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Senior
Perez,Lea Marie Industrial Engineering Sophomore
Pouncy,Ja’Shondra S. J. Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Preschel,Andres Biomedical Engineering Sophomore
Prolik Schuchovski,Gabriel Civil Engineering Senior
Puentes,Laura Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Qadoumi,Talal N A E Industrial Engineering Senior
Qiang,Yi Industrial Engineering Sophomore
Qiu,Oscar Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Senior
Rabelo,Jovanni Lazaro Mechanical Engineering Senior
Rodrigues de Castro Jalles,Pedro Civil Engineering Senior
Rodriguez,Lauren A Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Rodriguez,Nicolas Industrial Engineering Senior
Rooney,Hailey Doe Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Roper,Karif Elhanan Mechanical Engineering Junior
Ross,Ebone-Alexandria Civil Engineering Senior
Rowe,Matthew Montgomery Biomedical Engr. – Premed Sophomore
Rustagi,Pratyush Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
Sainz De Baranda Portela,Pedro Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Senior
Santana,Jennill E Architectural Engineering Senior
Sanz,Isabel Aerospace Engineering – BSASE Senior
Scanlon,Kellie Gloria Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Seams,Courtney Cecile Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Senior
Sheehan,Bradley Comp Engr. – Software Option Junior
Shepard,Justin Michael Industrial Engineering Senior
Shi,Lingjing Architectural Engineering Sophomore
Simpson,Kasey Lynne Industrial Engineering Senior
Sirak,Aaren James Mechanical Engineering Junior
Siroit,Franca Architectural Engineering Senior
Stankard,Matthew C Biomedical Engr. – Premed Senior
Stanley,Michelle Camille Environmental Engineering Senior
Stansky,Peter J Aerospace Engr. Conc-BSME Senior
Sugar,Essence Sian Nia Mechanical Engineering Senior
Sulin,Jacob Electrical Engineering Senior
Sullivan,Molly Marie Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Sophomore
Sussman,Joshua Fenton Biomedical Engr. – Premed Junior
Sweely,Amanda Marie Industrial Engineering Senior
Tenuta,Michael James Mechanical Engineering Senior
Tomaszczyk,Michael Charles Industrial Engineering Junior
Tsuji,Joseph Kiyoshi Biomedical Engr. – Mechanical Junior
Turner,Marcus Malcolm Industrial Engineering Senior
Wahlberg,Brian Joseph Biomed Engr/Biomaterial&Tissue Junior
Wardlow,Charles Henry Industrial Engineering Senior
Wargo,Emily Environmental Engineering Senior
Warrell,Michael Industrial Engineering Sophomore
Watson,Michael Civil Engineering Senior
Watts,Kayla Architectural Engineering Sophomore
Welsch,Jared Blake Industrial Engineering Junior
Wianecki,Anthony Joseph Comp Engr. – Software Option Senior
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