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Student Ambassador Profile: Michael Warrell, BSIE ’20

Name: Michael Warrell
Class: 2020
Hometown: Miami
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor(s): Management

Why did you apply to be a student ambassador?
I want to be able to change prospective students’ perspective on how they see this University to make them want to come here or be able to find the school that is right for them.

What advice would you offer to new engineering students?
Study hard, make good friends, and have lots of fun along the way.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at UM College of Engineering?
The College of Engineering here at UM has a faculty member that is dedicated to helping you find internships and jobs after you graduate. Also, the atmosphere here at UM is more of a family atmosphere, and you feel like you fit in and that there are always people there for you.

Describe what you are doing in this position.
In this position I am helping prospective students see the College of Engineering from a student’s perspective and be able to figure out if this university is the right place for them.

What did you learn at CoE that has helped you in your position?
I have learned all the various tools that students have at their disposal to help them be successful both academically and in extracurricular activities.

Which College student organization stands out to you and why?
Category 5 stands out to me because it allows students to turn their love of sports into love for their school and its athletic program; it also helps other students come out to the athletic events here at UM.

What do you feel you are getting out of this position?
I’m getting the joy of helping prospective students figure out what school is right for them and potentially decide on coming to the University of Miami.

Why has this been a good experience for you?
This has been a good experience for me because I have been able to give prospective students more information about the University of Miami that they need to make their decision.

What did you do during your Summer 2017 break? (please be specific in regards to work/internship, company, etc.)
During my Summer 2017 break I had a job on campus as a community assistant for the Summer Scholar’s Program; I also worked in the dean’s office at the College of Engineering.

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