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Seasoned Entrepreneur and Startup Investor will Work With CoE Students and Faculty

A new entrepreneur-in-residence is sharing his expertise with students and faculty at the College of Engineering. Robert (Bob) F. Williamson Jr., a founder and treasurer of Florida early-stage investment group New World Angels, joined the CoE in May 2017. He will share his expertise through teaching, advising of student organizations, direct work with entrepreneurs starting companies and other activities.

Williamson, who earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, has played key roles in more than 30 startups – as a founder, a manager and a funder. Students will learn from his experience both in and out of class. He will deliver lessons on entrepreneurship as part of the CoE’s introductory freshman courses and will supervise selected students as they go through rigorous innovation training provided by Coulter College. He will also advise CoE student organizations focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and will guide students who enter related competitions.

In the CoE – Johnson & Johnson Collaborative Laboratory, the CoE’s makerspace, Williamson will help supervise and manage available resources – particularly the CoE fabrication facilities. He also plans to coordinate the CoE advisory board dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, and will represent the CoE on related boards and committees of other UM schools and colleges.

CoE faculty also will benefit from Williamson’s work as entrepreneur-in-residence. He will work with them to explore opportunities to launch startup companies, and will advise and assist faculty one-on-one about issues including intellectual property law, licensing and starting a company. Across the University of Miami, Williamson will coordinate and plan seminars on innovation, and he will work with The Launch Pad, UM’s community for entrepreneurs.

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