Ruth Castillo Honored With Linda Sher-Collado Memorial Staff Appreciation Award

Ruth Castillo is an exemplary staff team player in her current role as secretary in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAE) at the College of Engineering.

Ruth is deserving of the Linda Sher-Collado Memorial Staff Appreciation Award for many reasons. She has and continues to embrace graduate students with care, responsiveness and professionalism. Moreover, Ruth goes beyond her administrative responsibilities to create an office environment that is welcoming for graduate students, where they can come to her in search of solutions and guidance related to graduate student life–not only at UM, but also in the city and beyond. She is willing to give her time and attention not only to graduate students, but to everyone who asks for help. Ruth was already showing and implementing UM’s common purpose and DIRECCT value traits (diversity, integrity, responsibility, excellence, compassion, creativity and teamwork) before they were implemented; and before UM’s service standards (safety, caring, responsiveness and professionalism), Ruth has, is and will continue to support graduate students. Most importantly, Ruth is a humble individual, always has a smile and she does not take credit for her amazing job done!

Some graduate students shared their thoughts about Ruth’s compassion and warm heart in support of her nomination for the Linda Sher-Collado Memorial Staff Appreciation Award:

“Ruth is always helpful … she helps graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty and staff members, with kindness and efficiency. She also went above and beyond to make my student exchange here at UM possible, helping me in solving some critical bureaucratic/visa issues.”

“When I need help at school, Ruth is always the first person in my mind to ask how to go about it. I personally think she is the most warm-hearted secretary I have ever seen. She is professional and trustworthy. I absolutely appreciate her assistance with my graduate study at the Department of CAE.”

“Like Linda Sher-Collado, Ruth is a ‘can do’ and ‘does’ person; she can find out the way to process paperwork; she can find out who to contact when help is needed in the lab or building facility; she can give the advice and smiles you need the day you are feeling low; she can figure things out when others will ‘pass the message along’; she can multitask and follow up when there is no immediate solution. In simple words, Ruth takes action when you need help, even though it might not be her responsibility. She looks out for graduate students.”

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