Study Abroad for Undergraduate Students

Spin a globe and pick a country. CoE students are provided with opportunities to enrich their education with a global perspective in emerging technological areas of the world. Studying abroad helps students see the world from a new perspective, develops new skills, independence and the self-confidence needed to survive and succeed in the global marketplace, puts engineering theory to practice solving real-world issues while improving foreign language skills, and provides graduates with a competitive edge on their resumes or graduate school applications.

According to a recent survey by the Institute for the International Education of Students the benefits of going a study abroad experience correlated to 90% who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice grad school, 80% reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments and 70% claimed that because of study abroad they were more satisfied with their jobs

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Study Abroad Universities With Programs for Engineers:
University Location
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Monash Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
National University of Singapore Singapore
Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea
University Location
McGill University Montreal, Canada
PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
University Location
Edith Cowan University Perth, Australia
Monash University Melbourne, Australia
University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
University of Sydney Sydney, Australia
University of Technology, Sydney Sydney, Australia
University of Wollongong Wollongong, Australia
University Location
Cardiff University Cardiff, Wales, UK
Lancaster University Lancaster, England, UK
Politecnico di Milano Milan, Italy
UC Dublin Dublin, Ireland
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Madrid, Spain
Universidad de Alicante Alicante, Spain
Universidad de Cantabria Cantabria, Spain
Universita di Bologna Bologna, Italy
University of Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland
University of Kent Canterbury, England, UK
University of Orleans Orleans, France
Technical University of Munich Munich, Germany
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