Manually Operated Machines – Vertical Milling Machine

The College of Engineering Machine Shop provides students with machine use instructions along with research project fabrications through its inventory of manually operated Vertical Milling Machine stations. The Mill stations are industry level and quality for the assurance of safe and proper function throughout. Pictured are Mill Port 3VH (3 axis) models.

Mill Overview

Spindle Taper R8. Spindle Speed 70-4500 RPM (Variable). Quill Diameter-3.375" inch/Quill Feeds-0.0015", 0.003", 0.006" inch. Head Tilt 45 Degree Front/Rear-90 Degree Right/Left. Spindle Motor 3 HP, 220/440V, 3 Phase/Table Size 9" x 49" inches. Longitudinal Travel "X" axis-37" inches/Cross Travel "Y" axis-12" inches. Vertical Travel "Z" axis-16" inches. Ram Travel-15" inches. Digital Read-Out (DRO) "X" and "Y" axis only.

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