Communications Support

The goal of the Communications Department at the College of Engineering (CoE) provides services that advance the mission of the college, as well as its reputation and identity as a leader in engineering education and research through effectively supporting the CoE faculty and administrators.

The job initiation deadlines listed below will help the communications department accommodate scheduling and workflow to ensure your programs and achievements are best marketed to our audiences. The requestor can help expedite the project by reviewing and circulating proofs and returning feedback in a timely fashion (within 24-48 hours.)

In order to meet a targeted delivery date, the department/requestor must adhere to the production schedule and the start date ranges below

PLEASE NOTE: If the department does not adhere to the production timeline, the result will be an extension of the job’s completion/delivery date.

Content and Image Guidelines

  • The department/requestor must provide all content (draft copy answering the W’s, statistics/data and/or supporting images) through submitting a Communication Project Request Form.
  • The department/requestor should provide high-resolution images (at least 300 dpi or larger; typically, 1 MB or larger in file size)
    • If the department/requestor does not have images to use in the project, the communications department has an extensive collection of photographs taken around College and University, from candid shots of campus life to carefully composed photographs depicting specific people, events, etc.
    • If additional photography is needed, the communications department will arrange and schedule a photo shoot, which will incur an additional cost to the requesting department.
    • In addition, our freelance graphic designer can format graphs, charts and other elements you submit as your project may require. Again, if production of graphs, charts and other elements is required this will result in an additional cost to the requesting department


Job initiation deadlines:


Category Job Initiation
Large brochures/magazines (12+ pages) 6 weeks in advance of delivery*
Newsletters, small brochures (up to 8 pages) 4 weeks in advance of delivery*
Invitations, postcards 4 weeks in advance of delivery*
E-newsletters 3 weeks in advance of delivery
Logos, visual identity 3 weeks in advance of delivery*
Creation of new webpage/tab 2 weeks in advance of completion
Website content/copy updates 2 weeks in advance of delivery
Eblasts/e-invites** 2 weeks or more in advance of delivery
Ads 2 weeks in advance of delivery
Proofreading/editing 1 week in advance of delivery


**Please note, once an eblast artwork is approved, it takes 72 hours (on average) to convert to HTML for distribution.

Department Contact Information

Communication Services

Andi Fuentes, director of communications, (305) 284-4578

  • Advertising
  • Designing posters, brochures and fliers
  • Editing
  • Logos
  • Media relations
  • News releases
  • Photography
  • Pre- and post-event coverage
  • Social media management
  • Website content
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