Lab Information

Dr. Basalo

Room Location: MEB101

Room Phone Number:

PhD Students

To be displayed later

Provides facilities for undergraduate and graduate studies and supports materials research in the areas of electrochemical power sources, composite structural materials, and sensors. Facilities for Mechanical Experiments: (1) MTS 858 table top tension/fatigue machine (2) Instron MT2 torsion machine (3) Wilson Rockwell hardness tester (4) Rolling machine; Metallographic Experiments: (1) Thermo Scientific, Sybron, and Lindberg high temperature furnaces (2) Buehler cutting, grounding, polishing machines (3) Olympus microscope/imaging system; Materials Synthesis and processing (1) Chemical fume hood (2) Flow-through Thermo Scientific tube furnace (3) Hot plates (4) Hot press; Electrochemical Studies: (1) Electrochemical analytical systems (2) Electrical power sources.

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