Customized Engineering Master’s Program

The College of Engineering at the University of Miami has a unique graduate admission option for students wishing to be accepted into graduate studies to pursue a Master of Science degree in Engineering, but who are unable to demonstrate acceptable levels of English proficiency at the time of their application for admission. The IEP+ 1.5 Year Program is focused on helping non-native English applicants to obtain a Master of Science degree in Engineering.

Prospective students must complete and submit an application for graduate admission into the College of Engineering, providing all supporting documents as outlined in our graduate admission application and meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be academically admissible into graduate studies with appropriate academic credentials. They must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, or its equivalent, or be a candidate for one at the time of application.
  2. Applicants must score a 146 or higher on the quantitative portion of the GRE.
  3. Applicants must score a 450 or higher on TOEFL PBT (paper based test), or a 133 on TOEFL CBT (computer based test), or 45 on TOEFL iBT (internet based test) or 4.5 on ILETS (International English Language Testing System).

Students who are accepted under these criteria will enroll in our Intensive English Program (IEP) for a designated time, typically a year. The actual length of time a student will spend in IEP will be determined through a placement exam given once the student has arrived on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus. Students will also be required to enroll in a minimum of one graduate engineering course each semester while enrolled in IEP. Selection of these courses will be done after academic advising has taken place with our Associate Dean for Academics for students in this program.

Full-time enrollment in the M.S. portion of the IEP/M.S. Program will commence when the student has successfully completed Level Five of IEP and has completed two or more approved engineering courses, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Depending on the student’s background, the M.S. degree will require the taking of 30 or more credit hours – corresponding to 10 or more 3 credit hour courses – and the achievement of a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in the taken courses. Assuming a 30 credit hour M.S. program, it is anticipated that the IEP and 6 credit hours will be completed in the first year, 18 credit hours the second year (9 credit hours in the Fall and 9 credit hours in the Spring) and a minimum of 6 credit hours in Fall of the third year; thus, the duration is expected to be IEP+1.5 years.

If you have any questions about the CEM Program including cost of the program, please contact David T. Poole, Director of Admission, College of Engineering at or 305-284-4773 or Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Shihab Asfour at

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