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Mihail C. Roco Discusses Knowledge and Technology in a Convergence Spiral

On February 20, the University of Miami’s College of Engineering welcomed Mihail C. Roco, senior advisor for science and engineering at the National Science Foundation and founding chair of the U.S. National Science and Technology Council’s Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET) Subcommittee, as the inaugural guest speaker for the 2018 Strategic Research Initiatives Seminar Series.

This series focuses on topics of molecular science, nanotechnology and microfluidics. This theme aligns with the College of Engineering’s focus on promoting fundamental and applied research in interdisciplinary areas that cross boundaries between engineering and chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, medicine and other related topic areas.

In his presentation, entitled “Knowledge and Technology in a Convergence Spiral,” Roco discussed the basic theories, principles and methods underlying the convergence science and its application to education, research, production and other societal activities.

“Convergence is a general strategy to holistically understand and transform a system for reaching a common goal,” Roco says. “Convergence is a core opportunity for progress, a general-purpose paradigm in problem solving.”

Prior to joining the National Science Foundation, he was professor of mechanical and chemical engineering at the University of Kentucky. Roco is credited with 13 inventions and with contributions to more than 200 articles and 20 books. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, a corresponding member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and fellow of ASME, IoPhysics and AIChE. He was awarded the U.S. National Materials Advancement Award in 2007 “as the individual most responsible for support and investment in nanotechnology by government, industry and academia worldwide,” and he received the IUMRS Global Leadership and Service Award at the EU Parliament in 2015 for “vision and dedicated leadership … that has made major impact to all citizens around the world.”

Please click here to watch Roco’s presentation.

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