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Making Strides in Biomedical Engineering Thanks to the College of Engineering Scholarship Fund

Growing up until she was 7 in the city of Batala, in Punjab, India, Sabrina Anand had travelled far and wide before she even entered elementary school. Her family eventually settled in Delray Beach, Florida, where, in high school, she made the decision to study engineering. “When I was applying for college, I discovered that I wanted to learn more than just the simple biological sciences,” Anand says.

Her decision was motivated by both brain and heart. She was drawn to the academic rigor of biomedical engineering and wanted to learn more about the discipline that facilitates the development of medical devices. “Biomedical engineering caught my eye, since I could learn more about, for one thing, the insulin pumps that my diabetic sister uses,” Anand says.

Getting accepted to the College of Engineering felt like the easy part for Anand – and being able to afford to attend was the difficult part. A College of Engineering Scholarship Fund scholarship enabled her to attend. The fund, made possible through support from alumni, parents and others, has benefitted hundreds of engineering students since it was established more than 20 years ago.

“The CoE scholarship helped lessen the burden on my family and let me focus on my education and even extracurricular activities,” Anand says. She is vice president of training in the ‘Canes Emergency Response Team and does research at the Diabetes Research Institute.

The benefit of her CoE biomedical engineering degree, according to Anand, extends beyond learning the deep and challenging subject matters she has been immersed in during the past three years. She says the program help mold how she thinks, how she looks at problems and how she finds solutions. It’s given her an engineer’s mindset.

Anand plans to take this mindset and apply it to furthering her education, by earning an MD, and possibly a PhD as well. Regardless of her educational path, she knows she wants to apply her knowledge to academic research. Thanks to College of Engineering Scholarship Fund, she is already well on her way.

As part of the celebration of the College of Engineering’s 70th anniversary, alumnus Eric Cheng (BSBE ’95, MSIE ’01) is spearheading a unique 70 for 70 Giving Challenge, which asks CoE alumni and friends to give a total of $35,000 in gifts or pledges to the “College of Engineering Scholarship Fund.” Those gifts will be matched by $35,000 in gifts from Cheng and his friends and fellow alumni Jackie Maestri (BSEE ’85), her husband Hector Maestri (BSEE ’84), Basil Khalil (BSIE ’94, MSIE ’97) and Amy Powers (BBA ’93, MBA ’97, MSTX ’00).

To make a contribution online, please click here. To make a gift by check, please make it payable to the “University of Miami” and indicate The College of Engineering Scholarship Fund on the memo line. Mail it to: Catarina Castruccio-Prince, Assistant Development Director, University of Miami, Newman Alumni Center, Suite 400, 6200 San Amaro Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146.

Many companies provide matching gifts for their employees as part of their employee benefit packages. If you plan to make a gift, please check with your employer or ask one of our advancement staff if your gift may be doubled, tripled or more through a matching gift program. You also can click here to find out if your employer will match your gift.


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