Invitation for feedback on websites

The new websites of the College of Engineering and its five departments went live on August 12, 2016. In addition, there is a new website – Students Life – dedicated to students and their organizations. In collaboration with our web consultant, we have designed all websites to look like they belong to the same family and to embrace the branding guidelines of the University of Miami.  The website addresses are listed in the table below.


Address Description Web Coordinator College of Engineering Andi Fuentes Biomedical Engineering Angie Del-Llano Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos Industrial Engineering Daritza Blanco Electrical and Computer Engineering Ivy Reyes Tovar Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Natacha Welch Student Life Ann Helmers


Please join me to thank those who have contributed to the websites, including Oğuzhan Benli, Khaled Abdel Rahman, Sue Zabowski, Ann Helmers, David Poole, Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, Angie Del-Llano, Natacha Welch, Valerie Zaldivar, and Daritza Blanco.

The new websites will help us communicate more effectively and efficiently among faculty, staff and students, and employers, and enhance our visibility to the outside world. They have extensive news and calendar capabilities to permit postings of news and events; postings can be exchanged between the Departments and the College. They can feature timely information using (1) banner pictures, (2) news list, (3) calendars, and (4) highlight sections. The websites can be edited independently by appropriate editors, who have received training with WordPress.

We are soliciting your feedback on how to improve the websites. If you see a problem or would like to make a suggestion or improvement, you may email directly one of the web coordinators listed above. You may also post publicly your feedback using the Leave a Comment box just below this post. Thank you for joining us in this process of improving our websites.

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