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Internship Profile: Jingyi Zhong, Industrial Engineering ’19 (Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co Ltd)

Name: Jingyi Zhong
Class: 2019
Hometown: Changsha, China
Degree: Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management Concentration
Internship location (Company Name and Location): Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co Ltd; Changsha, China

How did you find this internship?
My parents worked for this company and were able to find this opportunity for me.

Describe your internship.
This internship consisted of using some software tools for different goals. In this specific case, I used Microsoft Project for supervising daily processes of the program and comparing it with the bidding schedule to extract raw statistics and analyze for potential risks.  On the other hand, I also tried another tool to calculate the cost of a new project, including the labor, equipment and raw materials, as well as analyzing the possibility of running the project successfully. Our team also was trying to bid a project supplying electric power in Burma. So, we inputted the Burma market price of raw materials and of the facility, refereed Chinese market price into the software, added labor cost – which was divided into international labor and national labor – estimated the quantity to satisfy the owner’s demand, all to finally have a basic idea of our total cost. Then, based on the output, we used different rates and percentages to cover profits and obtain the budget.

What did you learn at CoE that has helped you at your summer internship?
In CoE, not only have I collaborated with people from different cultural backgrounds enabling me to become a qualified team member with good communication skills, I also have taken many courses and completed projects that have familiarized me with this industry. For instance, Project Management taught me how to use Microsoft Project which can supervise daily processes and have baseline cost of each work breakdown.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at this program?
There are many differences between textbooks and real-life work. For me, accommodating to real-life work and eventually overcome it has been meaningful. Since this is an international program, local laws, rules, guidances and markets also need to be considered. Therefore, I was not able to exactly follow what the textbook and class taught me, I had to learn to negotiate with owners, subcontractors and some unexpected organizations.

Why has this been a good experience for you?
This experience has given me an example of what exactly industrial engineering can do and helps me realize the extent of my future professional career. Although it’s only an internship in one area, I have learned to connect different fields of knowledge like doing operation research to minimize cost and using innovative technology to improve efficiency.

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