Innovative Recycling Grant hosted by Florida Wood Recycling (Hand Sorting)

Augmented Sorting of Recycled Wood Waste Using Stain and X-ray Technologies

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Funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency, Innovative
Recycling Grants Program



Summary of Project:

Dimensional waste wood is frequently contaminated with wood treatment preservatives including chromated copper arsenate (CCA). In many instances visual identification of CCA-treated wood is difficult, in particular when the wood is soiled or weathered. As a consequence, wood treatment preservatives frequently contaminate dimensional waste wood, thereby limiting recycling options for Construction and Demolition (C&D) wood waste. The purpose of the proposed project is to evaluate the use of two innovative technologies for identifying and removing CCA-treated wood within recovered wood waste. The study will be conducted at a mid-sized wood waste recycling facility (Florida Wood Recycling) located within the Town of Medley, Florida. The technologies used to augment identification of CCA will include: a) a chemical stain (PAN indicator solution) and b) hand-held x-ray units. The entire waste stream in question (i.e. dimensional wood) from this facility will be sorted for a period of 3 to 4 months using these “augmentation” technologies to document the practicality of implementing these technologies in day-to-day sorting operations. Results from this study will likely encourage the use of these “augmentation” technologies at other wood waste recovery and C&D facilities throughout the State. The proposed technologies, and in particular the x-ray method, are new and innovative and have not been implemented within other wood waste recovery facilities in Florida. Results from this project will be disseminated through seminar presentations, through the internet, and through an outreach program established for local grade school students. A set of Standard Operating Procedures will be available to those interested in implementing these “augmentation” technologies at wood waste recovery and C&D recycling facilities.




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October 22, 2004

August 18, 2005


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