Innovative Recycling Grant hosted by Florida Wood Recycling (Online Sorting)

On-Line Sorting of Recovered Wood
Waste Using Automated X-Ray Technology

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Funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency, Innovative
Recycling Grants Program




Summary of Project:

Dimensional waste wood is frequently contaminated with wood treatment preservatives including chromated copper arsenate (CCA). Because of difficulties in visually identifying treated wood especially after the wood has been weathered, wood treatment preservatives frequently contaminate dimensional waste wood, thereby limiting recycling options for Construction and Demolition (C&D) wood waste. The purpose of the proposed project is to evaluate the use of automated X-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems for identifying and removing CCA-treated wood within recovered C&D wood waste. The study will be conducted at a mid-sized wood waste recycling facility (Florida Wood Recycling) located within the Town of Medley, Florida. The picking line at this facility will be fitted with a slideway and XRF detector which will be designed to inspect each piece of wood in an automated fashion. The accuracy of the system will be documented and the results of the project will include a cost analysis. An earlier Innovative Recycling Grant awarded to the Town of Medley earlier showed that the only accurate means for sorting commingled C&D wood from a picking line is through XRF analysis. However, labor costs were very high (about $80/ton) when using the hand-held units. This earlier study emphasized the need for automated systems which will decrease labor costs. The cost for an automated system is estimated at about $40 per ton of wood. The proposed pilot system that is presented in this proposal is new and innovative and has not been implemented within other wood waste recovery facilities in Florida. A total of $200,000 is requested for this project. Results from this project will be disseminated through seminar presentations, through the internet, and through an outreach program established for local grade school students. The equipment specification and design implemented at the host facility will be available to those interested in implementing automated methods for sorting C&D wood.



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