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Ramin Moghaddass

Photo of Ramin Moghaddass

Ramin Moghaddass

Assistant Professor | College of Engineering | Industrial Engineering Department

Website: Dr. Moghaddass's Web Site


Research Interests

Data-Driven Decision Making under Uncertainty and Dynamic Environments, Survival Analysis and Condition Monitoring for Degrading Systems, Time-series (and longitudinal) Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics Using Large-Scale Data, Healthcare Analytics & Causal Inference, Applications: Energy Grid Condition Monitoring, Healthcare Management, and Maintenance Modeling and Optimization


    • University of Alberta, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. (2013)
    • Sharif University of Technology, M.S. in Industrial Engineering. (2008)
    • Sharif University of Technology, B.S. in Industrial Engineering. (2005)


    • University of Miami, Assistant Professor. Industrial Engineering (2015 - Present)
    • Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Research Scholar. Sloan School of Management (2013 - 2015)
    • University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), Instructor. Mechanical Engineering (2013)


  • Juried or Refereed Journal Articles or Exhibitions

    • Li, W., J Zuo, M., Moghaddass, R. ().Optimal design of multi- state weighted series-parallel system using physical programming and genetic algorithms. Asia-Pacic Journal of Operational Research.
    • Moghaddass, R., Rudin, C., Madigan, D. (2015).The Factorized Self-Controlled Case Series Method: An Approach for Estimating the Effects of Many Drugs on Many Outcomes. Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR).
    • Moghaddass, R., Rudin, C. (2015).The Latent State Hazard Model, with Application to Wind Turbine Reliability. Annals of Applied Statistics.
    • Moghaddass, R., Zuo, M. (2014).An integrated framework for online diagnostic and prognostic health monitoring using a multistate deterioration process. Reliability Engineering & System Safety.
    • Moghaddass, R., J Zuo, M., Liu, Y., Huang, H. (2014).Predictive analytics with Nonhomogeneous semi-Markov model using inspection Data. IIE Transactions.
    • Moghaddass, R. (2013).Multistate degradation modeling and supervised estimation methods for a condition monitored device. IIE Transactions, 46 (2), 131-148.
    • Pandey, M., J Zuo, M., Moghaddass, R. (2013).Selective maintenance modeling for a multistate system with multistate components under imperfect maintenance. IIE Transactions.
    • Moghaddass, R. (2012).A parameter estimation method for a condition-monitored device under multi-state deterioration. Reliability Engineering and System Safety.
    • Moghaddass, R. (2012).Optimal design and maintenance of a multi- state repairable system with standby components. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 142 (8), 2409-2420.
    • Moghaddass, R., J Zuo, M., Wang, W. (2011).Availability of a general k-out-of-n:G system with nonidentical components considering shut-off- rules using quasi-birth-death process. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 96 (4), 489-496.
    • Moghaddass, R., Zuo, M., Qu, J. (2011).Reliability and availability analysis of a repairable k-out-of-n:g system with r repairmen subject to shut-off rules. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 60 (3), 658-666.
  • Book Chapters

    • Moghaddass, R., J Zuo, M., Zhao, Z., (2013). Generating indicators for diagnosis of fault levels by integrating information from multiple sensors. Diagnostics & Prognostics of Engineering Systems: Methods and Techniques (pp. ). IGI Global..
    • Moghaddass, R., Zuo, M., Zhao, X., (2013). Modeling equipment with multistate degradation with nonhomogeneous continuous-time hidden semi-Markov process. Diagnostics & Prognostics of Engineering Systems: Methods and Techniques (pp. ). IGI Global..
    • Moghaddass, R., J Zuo, M., (2013). Multistate degradation and condition monitoring for devices with multiple independent failure modes,. Applied Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Inference (pp. ). WIley.


Opening Position for a PhD Student in Big Data Analytics and Decision-Making for Deteriorating Systems: Please send your full CV to Dr. Moghaddass.