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Nurcin Celik

Associate Professor College of EngineeringIndustrial Engineering Department
Work Phone: (305) 284-2391 Website: Dr. Çelik Web Page Website: SimLab Website


Research Interests:

Dynamic data driven application simulations (DDDAS), Particle filtering methods, Electric utility resource planning, Modeling and simulation with massive datasets, Distributed decision making with emerging applications (i.e., power grids, solid waste management, and water and sewer systems), Automatic partitioning of large scale simulations in grid computing, Social network modeling and analysis

Refereed Journal Articles:

  • M. Bastani, A. E. Thanos, H. Damgacioglu, N. Celik, “A Novel Evolutionary Simulation Optimization Framework for Interruptible Load Management”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, conditionally accepted, 2016
  • D. Yasar, N. Celik, J. Sharit, “Evaluation of Advanced Thermal Solid Waste Management Technologies for Sustainability in Florida”, International Journal of Performability Engineering, 12 (1), pp. 63-78, 2016
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