Emrah Celik

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Emrah Celik

Assistant Professor | College of Engineering | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
Work Phone: (305) 284-9364

Website: Dr. Çelik’s Research Web Site


Research Interests

Thermoelectricity, Additive Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Solid Mechanics and Numerical Simulation.


    • University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. (2010)
    • Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir, Turkey, M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. (2004)
    • 9 Eylul University , Izmir, Turkey, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. (2002)


    • University of Miami, Assistant Professor. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (2014 - Present)
    • University of Miami, Research Associate. Physiology and Biophysics (2011 - 2014)
    • University of Arizona, Research Assistant. Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (2004 - 2010)
    • Izmir Institute of Technology, Research Assistant. (2002 - 2004)


  • Juried or Refereed Journal Articles or Exhibitions

    • Shan, Y., Panday, N., Myoung, Y., Twomey, M., Wang, X., Li, W., Wang, H., Moon, J. H., Celik, E., He, J. (2015).Scanning ionic conductance microscopic study for cellular uptake of cationic conjugated polymer nanoparticles. Macromolecular Bioscience.
    • Gattas-Asfura, K. M., Valdesa, M., Celik, E. (2014).Covalent layer-by-layer assembly of hyperbranched polymers on alginate microcapsules. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2, 8208-8219.
    • Celik, E., Maiguel, D., Li, J., Abdulreda, M., Moy, V. T. (2013).Rearrangement of microtubule network under biochemical and mechanical stimulations. METHODS, 60, 195-201.
    • Celik, E., Faridi, H., Moy, V. T., Gupta, V. (2013).Single cell force spectroscopy measurements show that leukadherins increase CD11b/CD18-dependent adhesion via long membrane tethers. Biophysical Journal, 105, 2517-27.
    • Zakeri, B., Fierer, J. O., Celik, E., Chittock, E. C., Linek, U. S., Moy, V. T., Howarth, M. (2012).A peptide tag forming a rapid covalent bond to a protein, through engineering a pathogenic bacterial adhesin. PNAS, 109, 690-697.
    • Chu, C., Celik, E., Rico, F., Moy, V. T. (2012).Elongated membrane tethers, individually anchored by high affinity α4β1/VCAM-1 complexes, are the quantal units of monocyte arrests. PLOS ONE, 8, 5.
    • Celik, E., Moy, V. T. (2012).Nonspecific interactions in AFM force spectroscopy measurements. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 25, 53-56.
    • Celik, E., Guven, I., Madenci, E. (2011).Mechanical Characterization of Nickel Nanowires by using a Customized Atomic Force Microscope. Nanotechnology, 22, 155702.
    • Celik, E., Guven, I., Madenci, E. (2011).Simulations of Nanowire Bend Tests for Extraction of Mechanical Properties. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 55, 185-191.
    • Guden, M., Celik, E., Hizal, A., Altindis, M., Cetiner, S. (2008).Effects of Compaction Pressure and Particle Shape on the Porosity and Compression Mechanical Properties of Sintered Ti6Al4V Powder Compacts for Hard Tissue Implantation. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 85, 547-555.
    • Celik, E., Guven, I., Madenci, E. (2007).Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Non-Fickian Moisture Diffusion in Electronic Packages. IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, 32, 666-674.
    • Guden, M., Celik, E., Akar, E., Cetiner, S. (2005).Compression Testing of a Sintered Ti6Al4V Powder Compact for Biomedical Applications. Materials Characterization, 54, 399-408.
  • Book Chapters

    • Celik, E., Rongione, N. A., Floerke, S., (2015). The role of Nanotechnology in Anti-bacterial Coating Applications. Applying Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability (pp. ). IGI-Global.
    • Guden, M., Celik, E., Cetiner, S., Aydin, A., (2004). Metals Foams for Biomedical Applications: Processing and Mechanical Properties. Biomedical Science and Technology -- Chapter: 8 (pp. 257-266). Kluwer.


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