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Luncheon Honoring: Dr. Murray I. Mantell


Dr. Murray Mantell is considered the founding father of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Miami. He taught for 57 years while being very active in local civic and professional affairs. Now 99 years old, Dr. Mantell is considered a University, local and national treasure. He has authored 9 books during his lifetime, from his first textbook in 1955 to his first engineering ethics-related textbook in 1964 to his latest book on ethics written at age 93.

The Murray I. Mantell Scholarship Fund for UM students majoring in Engineering was established in 1982 to honor Dr. Mantell for his distinguished service to the University of Miami College of Engineering, and countless CoE students have received educational opportunities because of it. Now the College would like to pay tribute to Dr. Mantell himself for his lifetime of achievement.

We hope you will join us as we honor Dr. Murray Mantell.

RSVP at or call (305) 284-1068

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