Major Equipment

Mechanical Testing Systems:

  1. Perkin-Elmer Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA 7e)
  2. Instron material testing system (Model 3342)
  3. TA Instruments Rheometer (ARG2)

Equipment for Dissecting, Cell Culture, Histology, and Biochemistry:

  1. Dissecting stainless steel bench top
  2. Leica sledge microtome with freezing stage
  3. Thermo Scientific Shandon Finesse 325 rotary microtome
  4. Nuaire biological safety cabinet (Class IIA)
  5. Sentry air 18" ductless containment hood
  6. Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima II Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator
  7. Thermo Scientific Barnstead/Thermolyne E-pure Water Purification Systems
  8. VWR CryoPro Rack Systems (BR Series)
  9. MJ Mini Gradient Thermal Cycler (RT-PCR)
  10. Labconco CentriVap benchtop centrifugal concentrators and systems
  11. Thermo Ultima II Freezer (-80oC)
  12. Tuttnauer / Brinkmann Tabletop autoclave with digital control and display (Model 2340E)
  13. Anersen Anprolene An74ix gas sterilization system
  14. VWR Scientific Products water bath (Model 1212)
  15. VWR tissue flotation water bath
  16. VWR MS 3 Basic and Digital Shaker
  17. Fisher Scientific Isotemp constant temperature circulator (Model 800)
  18. WPI syringe pump (Model 210i)
  19. Harvard syringe pump (PHD 2000)
  20. Brinkmann Heidolph peristaltic pump systems PD5201 (8 channels)

Microscope and Imaging system:

  1. Olympus microscope (Model BX50)
  2. Nikon Inverted microscope (Model TS100)
  3. Nikon digital camera (Model D40X)
  4. Sony color CCD camera and monitor system

Other Instruments:

  1. BioRad SmartSpecTM Plus Spectrophotometer
  2. Ocean Optics optic oxygen sensor system (2-channel)
  3. Ocean Optics optic NeoFox oxygen sensor system (single channel)
  4. Orion conductivity meter (Model 125Aplus)
  5. Orion 4-Star Plus Benchtop pH/Conductivity Meter
  6. Beckman-Coulter pH meter (Model F340)
  7. Keithley digital sourcemeter (Model 2400)
  8. Keithley digital sourcemeter (Model 2602A)
  9. Keithley electrometer (Model 6514)
  10. Sensirion nano flow meter (SLG1430)
  11. Sartorius analytical balance with density-determination-kit (Model LA120S, Model YDK-01LP)
  12. Sensotec high-precision pressure transducers (Model TJE) and Futek load cell (5 lb.)
  13. Sensotec signal conditioners (Model HM and Model GM)
  14. Omega PX5500 high performance transmitter (3)
  15. Omega 1/8 DIN performance panel meter (3)
  16. Data acquisition boards (3) and LabView Software
  17. National Instrument multifunction DAQ (NI USB-6251)
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