Materials Laboratory

Welcome to the College of Engineering

McArthur Engineering Building Room: MEB124
Tel: 305-284-2479
Lab Director: Dr. Xiangyang Zhou

Provides facilities for undergraduate and graduate studies and supports materials research in the areas of electrochemical power sources, composite structural materials, and sensors.  Facilities for Mechanical Experiments: (1) MTS 858 table top tension/fatigue machine (2) Instron MT2 torsion machine (3) Wilson Rockwell hardness tester (4) Rolling machine; Metallographic Experiments: (1) Thermo Scientific, Sybron, and Lindberg high temperature furnaces (2) Buehler cutting, grounding, polishing machines (3) Olympus microscope/imaging system; Materials Synthesis and processing (1) Chemical fume hood (2) Flow-through Thermo Scientific tube furnace (3) Hot plates (4) Hot press; Electrochemical Studies: (1) Electrochemical analytical systems (2) Electrical power sources



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