Photo of Ines Maria Basalo

Ines Maria Basalo

Assistant Professor of In Practice

Emrah Celik

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Cancer Research, Solid Mechanics and Numerical Simulation. Refereed Journal Articles: Yuping Shan, Namuna Panday, Young Myoung, Megan…

Photo of Victor Graham

Victor Graham

Associate Professor of In Practice

Research Interests: Solar energy, aerodynamic analysis of wind turbines, turbomachinery, thermal energy efficiency technologies, technology enabled engineering education, engineering-specific learning…

Photo of Weiyong Gu

Weiyong Gu

Professor and Chair

Dr. Weiyong Gu is chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, where he is also a professor. Previously,…

Ryan L. Karkkainen

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Multi-scale modeling for material design, dynamic finite element based micromechanics, advanced textile composite materials, nano particulate reinforced polymers,…

Photo of Na Li

Na Li

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Biosensor, Micro/Nano Fluidics, and Nano medicine. Refereed Journal Articles: Shue Wang, Reza Riahi, Na Li, Donna D. Zhang,…

Photo of Hongtan Liu

Hongtan Liu


Research Interests: PEM Fuel Cells, Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Storage Energy, Clean Energy Refereed Journal Articles:…

Photo of Ramarathnam Narasimhan

Ramarathnam Narasimhan

Assistant Professor of In Practice

Refereed Journal Articles: K.V. Wong, R. Narasimhan, R. Kashyap, J. Fu, "Medical Waste Characterization", Journal of Environmental Health, 57, pp.…

Photo of Singiresu S. Rao

Singiresu S. Rao


Research Interests: Multi objective optimization. Uncertainty models in engineering analysis, design and optimization. Reliability based design. Finite element and mesh free methods. Optimization and…

Photo of Michael R. Swain

Michael R. Swain

Associate Professor & Associate Chair

Research Interests: Design, Fabrication and Testing of Prototype Internal Combustion Engines; Measurement, Analysis and Modeling of Heat Transfer in the…

Photo of Kai-Fui V. Wong

Kai-Fui V. Wong


Research Interests: Energy and the Environment: Wind, Water, Solar Energy and Sustainability, Nanotechnology, Oil Spills, Air Pollution, Solid Wastes, Ground…

Qingda Yang

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Mechanics of Materials, Computational Solid Mechanics, Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites (FRPCs), Ultra-high Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs). Refereed…

Ge-Cheng Zha


Research Interests: Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Flow Control, Co-Flow Jet Airfoil; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Fluid-Structural Interactions; Supersonic Inlets, Turbomachinery; Design…

Photo of Xiangyang Zhou

Xiangyang Zhou

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Materials Science and Engineering, Nano-Catalysts, Atomistic Simulation, Fuel Cell, Super capacitors, Interfaces in Electrochemical Power Sources, and Electrochemical…