Minor in Computer Engineering


Students wishing to minor in Computer Engineering must satisfy 18 credits hours specified as follows:

Core Courses 
ECE 118Introduction to Programming3
ECE 211Logic Design3
ECE 212Processors: Hardware, Software, And Interfacing3
ECE 218Data Structures3
Select a minimum of 6 credit hours of computer engineering electives from the following:6
ECE 315
Digital Design Laboratory 
ECE 316
Structured Digital Design 
ECE 318
ECE 322
Systems Programming 
ECE 412
Software Engineering and Architecture 
ECE 413
Software Design and Verification 
ECE 414
Computer Organization and Design 
ECE 421
Computer Operating Systems 
ECE 454
& ECE 455
Digital System Design and Testing
and Design-for-Testability Laboratory
ECE 467
Database Design and Management 
ECE 511
Computability, Complexity, And Algorithms 
ECE 534
Communication Networks 
ECE 537
Principles of Artificial Intelligence 
ECE 548
Machine Learning 
Total Credit Hours18
*Students with a major in Electrical Engineering wishing to add a minor in Computer Engineering must take 6 Computer Engineering course credit hours (within the ECE department) in addition to those needed to satisfy their degree requirements.

**No more than 6 credits hours may be taken outside the ECE department.

***A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all ECE courses taken.

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