PhD Qualifying Examination Courses

PhD Qualifying Examination Courses

Computer Engineering (CE) Program

Electrical Engineering (EE) Program

CE1. Programming Languages and Algorithms

EE1. Signals and Systems

CE2. Computer Networks

EE2. Communications

CE3. Computer Architecture and Digital Systems

EE3. Circuits and Electronics

CE4. Databases and Distributed Systems

EE4. Solid-State Physics and Devices

CE5. Analytical Techniques

EE5. Analytical Techniques



  • Select the PROGRAM (CE or EE) (in consultation with Research Supervisor).
  • Select FOUR subjects as follows:
    • THREE from the selected PROGRAM
    • ONE from the other PROGRAM
    • Subject matter in CE5 and EE5 are identical, and both CE5 and EE5 cannot be selected in one sitting.


  • Taking the PhD Qualifying Examination:
    • The first attempt must be within two semesters (summers excluded) of initial enrollment in the PhD program.
    • Any student failing to pass the examination during the first attempt, can retake the examination a second time during its immediate next offering (see Passing the PhD Qualifying Examination section below).
    • Any student failing to pass the examination a second time will have his/her PhD status terminated.
  • Passing the PhD Qualifying Examination: To pass the examination, a student's grades must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Criterion 1: Average grade of "B" (3.000) or better for the entire 4-subject examination: a student failing to meet this criterion will be required to repeat the whole examination during its immediate next offering. The student may change the subject areas selected.

    • Criterion 2: Grade of "C" (2.000) or better for each subject: each subject failing to meet this criterion will have to be repeated during the immediate next offering of the PhD Qualifying Examination. No change in the subject area is allowed and the average grade computed with the re-taken subject together with the remaining subject areas previously taken must satisfy Criteria 1 and 2 to successfully pass the examination.