Deficiency Courses

Students not holding a BS degree from an accredited program in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering, or a related area, may need to fulfill a sequence of deficiency courses to follow a graduate degree in ECE. 

The exact course sequence, to be established in consultation with the GPC, may include the following: 

Core Courses (12 credits):

EEN201 Electrical Circuit Theory 03 credits
EEN305 Electronics I 03 credits
EEN306 Electronics II 03 credits
EEN307 Linear Circuits and Signals 03 credits

 Program (EE or CE) Related Electives (06 credits or more):

EEN301 Electromagnetic Filed Theory(EE) 03 credits
EEN304 Logic Design(EE/CE) 03 credits
EEN308 Linear Control Systems(EE) 03 credits
EEN312 Microprocessors(EE/CE) 03 credits
EEN404 Communication Systems (EE) 03 credits
EEN414 Computer Organization and Design (CE) 03 credits
EEN424 UNIX Systems and Servers(CE) 03 credits

 Program (EE or CE) Related Laboratory Courses (01 credit or more):

EEN204 Electrical Circuits Lab(EE) 01 credit
EEN311 Electronics Lab(EE) 01 credit
EEN315 Digital Design Lab(CE) 01 credit
EEN417 Embedded Microprocessor System Design Lab(CE) 02 credits

Some of these courses, or their equivalents, may have been completed as part of a student's previous degree program. ECE may accept such courses as substitutes. 

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