Learn About Engineering


1. Summer High School Program

The University of Miami offers high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year a chance to participate in a Summer Scholar Program. There are different schools and colleges that are included in the program and the College of Engineering is one of them.

Known for its outstanding faculty, groundbreaking research, diverse student body, and history of excellence in athletics, the University of Miami is the largest private research university in the Southeast. The University's Summer Scholar Programs, established in 1991, are taught by outstanding University of Miami faculty members and present a unique opportunity for students to earn college credit in specific areas of concentration. Students learn firsthand what college is like by living and studying on campus. Students also take laboratory classes and have the opportunity to learn about their particular interests by visiting local sites that are relevant to their fields of study.

The length of each class varies depending on lab work, field trips, and lectures; however, summer scholars are in class-related activities all day. Though the Summer Scholar Programs are challenging academic programs for students, evening and weekend activities are also scheduled, which allow students the time to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow scholars and experience the tropical flavor of the region. Excursions to local hot spots, a snorkeling trip, and the opportunity to take advantage of the University's facilities, such as the wellness/fitness center, are available during the students' free time.

2. Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the University of Miami, Introduce a Girl to Engineering is an outreach program for high school girls. Once a year during national E-week, sophomores and juniors from the local Miami high schools are invited to visit the College of Engineering. They have a day full of activities to help make them aware of all the different engineering degrees and to explore what engineering is all about.

The day consists of:

  • an introduction along with breakfast
  • tours of various laboratories
  • an engineering related activity, led by one of our SWE volunteers, in which the girls use teamwork, creativity, and basic engineering skills

The event encourages students to participate together in a fun, educational, and rewarding event that informs these young girls about the core aspects of engineering.

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