Funded Projects

List of currently funded projects: 

1.    Senior VA Research Career Scientist Award (10/11-9/2016); principal Investigator (VA Salary support only).
2.    Veteran Affair Merit Review Grant, “ Smoking affects adult stem cell viability and differentiation potential” Principle Investigator 25%  effort. (1/12-12/16)
3.    Provost Research Award “Implantation of IGF-producing pluripotent periodontal ligament stem cells can reverse or arrest diabetic neuropathy” (6/12-5/13). 
4.    NIH CTSI Program Grant. Co-Director for “Novel Clinical and Translational Methods, Technologies and Resources’ Core. (7/11-6/16).
5.    NIH F31 Pre-doctoral Fellowship Mentor for Veronica Fortino (1/13-12/17).
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