Ongoing Projects/Clinical Applications

The Biomaterials Laboratory is actively collaborating with research groups from various departments within the University. Current projects in the laboratory include:

  • the development of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) constructs to promote wound healing and repair (in collaboration with the Department of Dermatology)
  • the development of 3-D scaffolds embedded with MIAMI (Marrow- Isolated Adult Multilineage Inducible) cells for stem cell growth and differentiation to induce revascualrization (in collaboration with the Department of Medicine, Geriatric Research Center)
  • the development of highly oriented electrospun scaffolds that deliver multiple angiogenic cytokines and are seeded with stem cells for guided therapeutic angiogenesis (Figures 1, 2) (in collaboration with the Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), Department of Computer and Information Science, Indiana University-Purdue University)
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