Major Equipment

Major equipment in the PI's laboratory includes a chemical fume hood for polymer synthesis, an EZ210 Perkin Elmer UV-Vis spectrophotometer, a Baker Biosafety Level 2 hood, two environmental incubators, three Franz vertical diffusion apparatuses with temperature controlled module units, a Buchi rotary evaporator, a -20 C freezer, a Toledo high precision microbalance, access to a Finnigan HPLC/MS system, and a vacuum distillation apparatus. In addition, he has access to freezers (all temp.), Coulter counter, camera/PC computer mounted optical microscopes for morphometric analyses and PCR machines located in an adjacent laboratory (Dr. Pham's). Recently, the PI's laboratory has custom-built a fully automated electrospinning apparatus for the fabrication of three dimensional constructs. Furthermore, an Electric CO2 Microscope stage incubator (MSI) (OKOlab Electric, Warner Instruments, LLC, Hamden, CT) was purchased for the in-line visualization of HUVEC migration and capillary formation as a function of scaffold architecture. This Electric CO2 MSI stage incubator maintains the required environmental conditions for cell culture right on the microscope stage and is suitable for high magnification microscopy and multipoint experiments. The incubation chamber is designed so that a wide variety of interchangeable inserts can be utilized in order to make use of any cell culture support (petri-dishes, glass slides, multiwell plates, etc.). Specimen temperature is regulated via heating components embedded both in the lid and base of the incubator chamber. Humidifying and preheating modules both prevent medium evaporation and avoid water condensation of the surfaces of the chamber.

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