Strategic Plan (Draft)


  • Increasing number of TA’s and Graders
  • Scheduling graduate courses after 5pm to attract more part-time MS students
  • Expansion of coursework and faculty hiring in the area of thermo-fluids
  • Expansion of thermo-fluid experimental capabilities
  • Faculty hiring in aerospace engineering (including automatic control)
  • Creation of a new MS program in Aerospace Engineering
  • Creation and marketing of professional MS programs (such as MS in renewable energy)
  • Return of a guaranteed percentage of MS student tuition to the departments
  • Reduction of student-to-faculty ratio
  • Increase of budget for teaching lab
  • Lab space for Senior Design Projects
  • Office space for faculty


  • Establishment of a new Electric Airplane Center (funding is pending)
  • Establishment of a new Center of Simulation-based Sciences and Engineering
  • Development of landfill gas engine and energy-reclamation technology
  • Collaboration with CSTAR at RSMAS for new space tech engineering
  • Establishment of a practical bridge fund for research active faculty
  • Strengthening existing Clean Energy Center
  • Core facility for research (such as SEM, TEM, and micro-CT)
  • Increase of budget for regular department seminars
  • Creation of Leadership Seminar Series for active leaders
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