Thank you for your interest in the educational and research opportunities available within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Miami. Electrical and Computer Engineering are complimentary disciplines, which are at the forefront of the continuing development and evolution of our modern technological society. Electrical and computer engineers have initiated and contributed to the development of such important and diverse areas as integrated electronics and photonics, telecommunication systems and computer networks, computer hardware and software, image processing and computer vision, automation and robotics, electrical power generating and transmission systems, as well as participated in the development of significant applications to biotechnology. It is an exciting and challenging discipline offering a variety of rewarding career paths. We offer a number of innovative academic and research programs to help you achieve your career goals.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to achieve and maintain, through a continuous improvement process, excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service to the community and the nation. We endeavor to accomplish this by providing high-quality education and research programs which will impart the requisite knowledge and skills to our students enabling them to assume leadership roles in contributing to the advancement of the underlying electrical and computer engineering technologies which sustain the current world economy, to promote a strong commitment to life-long learning, to prepare them for a variety of alternative career paths and to participate as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing and shrinking global community.
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