Students have full access to resources in the Department of Biomedical Engineering by virtue of their status as students in the department. Additionally, they have access to, under the direct supervision of participating Radiation Oncology faculty, all clinical Radiation Oncology facilities located at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center of the University of Miami. These include:

Linear accelerators (Varian) outfitted for image guided radiotherapy and a planned MR simulator, multiple treatment planning systems for external beam therapy and brachytherapy deployed on several workstations (Oncentra, Nucletron; Pinnacle, Philips; Eclipse, Varian), a high dose rate brachytherapy afterloader (Nucletron), a real time prostate seed implantation system (seedSelectron, Nucletron), cesium sources and related equipment for low dose brachytherapy, an array of calibration and quality assurance devices, and a department wide integrated radiotherapy electronic medical record and record and verify system (Aria, Varian). These facilities are staffed by 12 American Board of Radiology certified University of Miami faculty therapeutic radiological physicists with degrees in physics, medical physics, nuclear engineering, and biomedical engineering (10 with PhD degree, 2 with MS degree).

CT simulator


CyberKnife radiosurgery system

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