Program Information

The department offers three undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering,
  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are leaders in the planning, design, construction, and operation of systems that are essential to modern life. These systems include: buildings, highways, airports, pipelines, bridges, dams, irrigation systems, drainage systems, water-supply and distribution systems, and wastewater collection and treatment works. Civil engineers are employed by government agencies, public utility companies, private consulting firms, construction companies, architectural firms, and universities.


Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineers are leaders in the planning, design, construction, and operation of engineered systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings and other facilities. These engineered systems include electrical, communications and control, lighting, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, acoustic, and structural components. Architectural engineers are employed by consulting firms, construction companies, facility management companies, HVAC equipment manufacturers, architectural firms, government agencies, and universities.


Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers are leaders in the application of engineering principles to improve and maintain the environment for the protection of human health, for the protection of nature’s beneficial ecosystems, and for environment-related enhancement of the quality of human life. Environmental engineers are employed by government agencies, consulting firms, and universities.


An overview of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering program as well as the courses can be found in the Academic Bulletin.


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Concentration Course Sequence

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BSAE     pdf pdf pdf
BSAE/MArch     pdf pdf pdf
BSAE/MSAE     pdf pdf pdf
BSCE pdf   pdf pdf pdf
BSCE/MSCE     pdf pdf pdf
BSEnE     pdf pdf pdf
BSEnE/BSEsp       pdf pdf
BSEnE/MSCE     pdf pdf pdf
Archive for the courses of past years

BSAE: Architectural Engineering
BSAE/BSCE: Dual Degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering
BSAE/MArch: B.S. in Architectural Engineering/Masters in Architecture
BSAE/MSAE: B.S./M.S. in Architectural Engineering
BSCE: Civil Engineering
BSCE/MSCE: B.S./M.S. in Civil Engineering Program
BSCE/BSEnE: Dual Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering
BSEnE: Environmental Engineering
BSEnE/BSEsp: B.S. in Environmental Engineering/B.S. Ecosystem and Policy
BSEnE/MSCE: B.S./M.S. in Environmental and Civil Engineering

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