Graduate Admission Requirements

Graduate Admission Requirements

All students applying to the graduate program are required to submit GRE scores and three letters of recommendation. All students applying for admission, but most especially International students should consult the College of Engineering Admissions webpages for Prospective MS Students or PhD Students.

Students who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than civil, architectural, and environmental engineering may be admitted to the graduate program upon completion of appropriate deficiency courses, in addition to the regular requirements for the graduate degree.

Deficiency courses are as follows:

  1. Calculus, 10 semester credits
  2. Advanced Mathematics, 6 semester credits
  3. General Chemistry, 4 semester credits
  4. Physics (with Calculus), 8 semester credits
  5. Engineering Mechanics (Statics), 3 semester credits
  6. Engineering Science related to area of study, 3 semester credits
  7. Engineering Design related to area of study, 6 semester credits

In general, items 1 through 7 apply to students without an undergraduate degree in engineering, and items 6 and 7 apply to students with an undergraduate degree in engineering. The student's graduate committee will select courses for items 6 and 7 on an individual basis.

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