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Osorio Adriano

President, Grupo Brasal
Grupo Brasal


Osorio Adriano Filho is a distinguished former student of the College of Engineering’s Department of Civil Engineering. Adriano Filho received his BSCE degree in 1957. He began his professional career at Raymond Concrete Pyle, which participated in Brasilia’s (the new  capital of Brazil) construction. The new capital, ordered by President Jucelino Kubitschek to fulfill his political campaign promise, was an amazing effort to relocate the capital from the coastline (Rio de Janeiro) to the central region. The new capital was strategically located to encourage the settlement and development of the country’s interior and boost the national economy.

Adriano Filho arrived in Brasilia in 1957, and he was part of the team of engineers that assembled metal structures for the 11 buildings of the ministries of the federal government, considered an industrial innovation to reduce construction time. He also participated in the Paranoa Dam construction that created the current Paranoa Lake.

Brasilia is now the third-largest city in Brazil, with approximately 3 million inhabitants, a development center in the middle of the country, which boasts the highest GDP per capita ratio. It has been chosen also as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its modernist architecture.

After working at his first job as a civil engineer, Adriano Filho founded Grupo Brasal, today a multimillion-dollar conglomerate with established enterprises ranging from construction to car dealerships to fuel storage centers and has installed Brasal Refrigerantes, which is a beverage manufacturer and bottling industry with modern facilities that has the most advanced technology of this branch in Brazil, especially with the Coca-Cola brand. For its performance, Grupo Brasal has received the national quality award.

He expanded his activities in the area of ​​civil construction through the company Brasal Incorporações and, in 2016, launched its eighteenth development, eight of them in the noblest neighborhood in Brasilia. In Goânia and Uberlândia, cities near Brasilia, they are also building in noble regions.

Most of the enterprises are located in Brasilia and employ 4,000 workers. Over the last 50 years, Brasal has consolidated and continues to grow, contributing to Brasilia’s development. Adriano Filho also owns numerous cattle farms that are known for their Simental, Brahman and Angus breeds, thereby contributing to Brazil’s claim as the world’s top exporter of beef. Adriano Filho is one of the founders of the Brazilian Trade Association and was a board member at the University of Brasilia. He was elected congressman for several terms in the Brazilian House of Representatives, where he served for 17 years (1991 to 2007). Adriano Filho is married to Silvia Adriano and is the proud father of two sons, Osorio Neto (graduated in economics) and (in memoriam) Fernando (graduated in civil engineering and business administration), and one  daughter, Maria Tereza. They are all married and have provided their parents with nine grandchildren. He often visits Miami so that he doesn’t lose contact with the city that he appreciates so much.

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