José P. Bared BSME ’64

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José Bared

UM Board of Trustee Member and Chairman at Farm Stores, Chief Executive Officer (ret.)
Farm Stores


José P. Bared is former executive officer and board chairman of Farm Stores Corporation, a company he purchased in 1992. Farm Stores is a dairy processing company with a line of brand products and more than 200 specialty retail outlets, including Gardner’s Markets. He is a director of Jackson – United Petroleum Corporation, a natural gas production company with operations in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. After starting his career as an engineer in 1968, he founded The Bared Company, Inc., where he served as chairman and president until it was old to the company employees. During his tenure, the company became one of the top 20 mechanical, electrical engineering design and construction companies in the United States, as reported by Engineering News-Record magazine, and it was featured in several articles. The Bared Company acquired other businesses, including part of a major company, Sam P. Wallace, Inc. (NYSE), and Pyramid Sheet Metal, a large Chicago metal fabricator.

Bared served as a director of Republic National Bank of Miami from 1971, when, along with a group of friends, he acquired the then-$20 million in total asset institution until 1998 when he sold his minority interest. At the time of sale, the bank’s value had grown to $1.8 billion in total assets. Bared served on many committees, some of which he chaired, including Audit, Loan and Executive and the IPO Steering Committee. He served on the board of United Petroleum (a publicly traded company from 1999 to 2001) and serves on the board of advisors of Bessemer Trust.

Committed to philanthropy and community service, Bared has also served on the board of trustees for the University of Miami for more than 30 years and is a life member. He served on the executive committee and was chairman of the Master Planning and Construction Committee. He is on the board of Miami Asset Management Inc. (MAMCO) and has been on the board of governors for the Sylvester Cancer Center for the past 20 years.

Bared attended Columbia University in New York and graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is a member of Iron Arrow, the highest honor attained at the University of Miami, and is both a Phi Beta Tau honoree and a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award (1982). Bared has been the subject of numerous articles and profiles in publications, including New Miami (December 1992 and June1993), Petrogram (April 1999), Miami Business (April 2000) and  the Daily Business Review (January 2000). He was featured on the cover of Money magazine (April 1976).

Bared is a member of the Ibis Society, named for the University of Miami’s mascot, the Ibis (an ancient symbol of enlightenment). The Ibis Society honors those whose total commitment to the University has reached at least $250,000.

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