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Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Doctoral Student Receives Prominent PCA Research Fellowship

Sivakumar Ramanathan, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, received the prominent Portland Cement Association (PCA) Research Fellowship.

The fellowship is used to identify outstanding candidates in the field of engineering and the physical sciences who are studying areas that advance the science and technology of cement and concrete. Each fellowship includes a $35,000 stipend paid to the university to cover tuition, residence, research materials, equipment, study materials and related educational expenses.

“This fellowship will be used to help fund my research on optimizing cement particle size distributions for the workability, strength and shrinkage of cementitious materials,” said Ramanathan.

Prannoy Suraneni, assistant professor, and Ramanathan’s adviser said, “This award is not only an honor for Ramanathan, but it is a motivation for us all to see that the hard work and dedication of our students is recognized by our professional society.”

PCA established the Foundation in 2001 to help finance education programs in nearly every facet of the cement and concrete industries, ranging from university research fellowships to career recruitment and craft training.

Ramanathan holds a master’s degree in construction technology and management from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, India and a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in civil engineering from SASTRA University in Thanjavur, India.

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