BME Seminar Series

2018 - 2019


The BME Seminar Series provides an opportunity for biomedical engineering researchers and entrepreneurs to visit our department, and interact with our faculty and students. The aim is to give students a chance to build social and intellectual relationships and expose them to diverse areas of research.


September 12 @ 3:30pm

Alan Russell, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University
Polymer Enhanced Biomacromolecular Systems

October 10 @ 3:30pm

D. Lansing Taylor, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Applications of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) to Develop Therapeutic ...

November 14 @ 3:30pm

Patrick Tresco, PhD
University of Utah
The Challenge of Integrating High Density Recording Arrays into Brain Tissue

December 12 @ 3:30pm

Jacob McPherson, PhD
Florida International University
Therapeutic Intraspinal Microstimulation to Rebalance Transmission in Motor and Pain Pathways After SCI

April 10  @ 3:30pm

Guillermo Ameer, PhD
Northwestern University

September 28 @ 3:30pm

Alon Mozes, PhD
Neocis, Inc
Latest Developments in Robotic Surgery

October 24 @ 2:00pm

Ellis Meng, PhD
University of Southern California
Flexible, Thin Film Microfabricated Polymer Implants

November 30  @ 3:30pm

Abigail N. Koppes, PhD
Northeastern University
Engineered Models of the Gut-Brain Axis

March 20  @ 3:30pm

Tatiana Segura, PhD
Duke University
Looks Matter: How VEGF Presentation Impacts Endogenous Regeneration in the Brain

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