Message from the President of the College of Engineering Alumni Association

Dear Alumni and Friends of UM College of Engineering,

Welcome to your portal for interacting with the College and its alumni. All alumni of the College of Engineering are automatically members of CoEAA and we invite you to join us at one of our many events throughout the year, connect with us online, and participate however you can.

One of the primary goals of our Alumni Association is to increase the number of alumni who are active and connected with the College. But why should you contribute your time and efforts to your Alumni Association? Because your involvement would directly help the University and the College of Engineering! Increasing scholarship funds, mentoring current students, collaborating with student organizations, and other efforts we make to help the next generation of engineers together, is a critical component of the Alumni Association is dedicated to achieving.

This academic year we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Increase awareness and participation in the College of Engineering Alumni Association;
  • Host Alumni Outreach Events, including the annual CoEAA Homecoming Breakfast;
  • Recognize alumni through both the Alumnus of Distinction Award and the newly created Young Alumnus Award;
  • Connect with current students through career panel discussions, Introduction to Engineering courses, and networking events;
  • Offer mentorship opportunities to students looking for real world advice; and much more!

We are focused on providing new and exciting events and activities with our engineering alumni. We hope you’ll find a way to get involved and we look forward to future interactions with you.

Finally, we hope members will support the college by making an annual gift to the College of Engineering. To find out how you can make a gift, visit Ways to Give or e-mail Catarina Castruccio-Prince, assistant development director for the College of Engineering.


Andrew Doyle
President, CoEAA